Cafe Vinci


Caffe Vinci is a brand new range of Fair Trade Coffee Beans.

Caffe Vinci

Caffe Vinci is a new and exclusive brand to be launched in the UK market. We supply coffee beans, espresso coffee and fairtrade coffee to the UK market. Cafe Vinci realise it is difficult to find high quality espresso coffee beans within the UK and that is why we have devoted a lot of time and effort to form ties with Italy’s top coffee bean roasters to help us produce great tasting coffee beans and espresso blends.

Caffe Vinci is produced by one of Italy’s largest independent coffee bean roasters. They have invested heavily in their roasting plant and perfected their manufacturing procedures to provide consistency, dependibility and have implemented an ISO9000 certified quality control system.
Caffe Vinci has worked very closely with the coffee bean roaster to create two unique blends of coffee; the Caffe Vinci exclusive blend and Caffe Vinci Fresco blend as well as a Fairtrade Espresso. Each blend has taken time to develop and we are confident that we have produced espresso coffee to rival anything you have tasted before.

Caffe Vinci comes fully supported with a range of cups, napkins, sugar sticks and point of sales advertising to help your business to enhance customer appreciation for a quality branded product, to cultivate brand loyalty and most importantly; increase your coffee sales.


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