Hit the ground running and be ready for opening

20 April 2020 by Matt Lawrence

Promote Your Business

Use your social media to request view, mentions and follows online.
How to support a small business?
- Comment on their posts
- Share their posts
This helps a small business get seen by more people, which is really important. Tell your friends ( Every bit of publicity helps and will benefit any business once the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted.

How can you strengthen your links with your local community? Sensible offers of help where possible, combined with regular updates on your social media channels, will keep you on their radar over the lockdown period.

When you re-open, life wont be the same, fewer people on the streets and perhaps restricted open times. Add in continued social distancing with a recession into the mix. When you re-open your ‘customer first’ experience should be a fantastic one. Average wont do!

Keep Your Espresso Machine Running

Heading into your business to do some decorating or DIY? Keep your espresso machine running every once in a while. We expect over 80 reported faults once business reopens from machines which have been left switched off over the lockdown period. Things you can do?
- Clean all groups thoroughly with the blank filter insert and Quartz liquid cleaning solution
- Use a group head brush to clean all dried coffee grounds from inside the group head
- Clean steam arms with a safe antibacterial cleaner to remove all milk residue.
- If your equipment is fitted with an automatic milk frother system, follow the daily cleaning guide for cleaning and hygiene purposes.
- Remove the drip tray and wash with warm soapy water and rinse with fresh water. Whilst the drip tray is removed from the machine, pour a small quantity of Liquid Quartz cleaner or two teaspoons into the black waste drain receptor. Refit the drip tray and flush hot water through for approx 20/30 seconds to help clear the waste pipes.
- Turn the machine power switch off and place filter holders on the drip tray for storage.

Any equipment which is used in a mobile vehicle or outdoors unit should not be stored in a area where equipment may drop below freezing point. If it cannot be moved to a warmer location, provide some form of space heating in the area. This will prevent the water in the equipment from freezing. Should this happen, Call us for advice.

How to Re-Start Your Espresso Coffee Machine After An Extended Period

- Turn the machine power button on
- Clean all groups with Filter insert and Liquid Quartz cleaning product
- Use a group head brush to thoroughly clean all dried coffee grounds from inside the group head
- As water has been left inside the machine during storage, it is essential that you flush the machine through before using. To do this, open the steam valves whilst the machine is heating up. As the machine heats and steam begins to appear from the steam tubes, closed the steam valves again and allow the machine to build pressure as normal. Once the machine reaches pressure run all the group heads for 10-15 seconds several times.
- Purge steam arms several times
- Dispense hot water water from the hot water valve to allow the boiler to refill with fresh water
- Fit the filter holders back in to the group to warm through
- Your machine is now ready to use

How To Close Down Your Coffee Grinder For An Extended Period

- Empty any unused coffee beans from the grinder hopper by moving the bean shutter to the closed position, press the retaining clips inwards and lift the bean hopper from the grinder.

- Throw away any beans from the hopper into the bin.
- Wash the hopper in warm soapy water. Do not place it in a Dishwasher. Rinse in fresh water and dry.
- Refit the hopper and place an empty container under the doser outlet or under the dispense nozzle of your grinder, according to type.
- Grind off any beans remaining inside the grinder system until empty and discard the ground coffee.
- Switch off the grinder and unplug from the mains connector.
- If you have a knockout drawer, make sure the drawer is empty and thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water. Dry and reassemble. Clean all milk jugs in a dishwasher.

How To Clean Down Your Bean To Cup Espresso Machine For An Extended Period

- Remove the bean hopper(s) and dispose of all coffee beans. Clean the bean hopper(s) with warm soapy water (do not use a dishwasher) rinse with fresh water and dry thoroughly. Replace the bean hopper in the machine.
- Press the Espresso or Black Coffee selection buttons multiple times until the machine has used any of the remaining beans in the system.
- Follow the daily coffee and milk cleaning instructions for the machine using the correct cleaning products. This must also include the removal, cleaning with warm water, rinse and replacement of the dispense head.
- Follow any further daily cleaning instruction including the drip tray, empty and clean the grounds drawer with warm water and rinse well. Replace these into the machine
- If your machine uses milk from a fridge, thoroughly clean the fridge including all tubes and inside of the fridge. Ensure no milk remains inside the fridge.
- Turn off the fridge power and leave the door open.

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