New milk jug with central tube

05 January 2011 by Shaun Lawrence
New milk jug with central tube

Texture milk every time!

For years the coffee industry has seen great advances in coffee making technology, but virtually none in the critical area of obtaining the correct texture of the milk! This is essential for the perfect Latte, Flat white or Cappuccino.

  • Light weight & durable
  • Perfect spout for pouring latte art
  • Excellent for new or current Barista

Skilled coffee makers known as “baristas” have over the years learned the technique to producing consistant velvety textured milk. Now you can with this new design milk jug with a central tube!

**Just point the steam arm in the milk, place the end of steam arm to the side of the jug. Turn on the steam power, then watch the milk swirl away!!!

Order a milk jug 01246 252832

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Lee Craig:

12 Sep 2016 17:09:59

Hi guys

I’m interested in the price of the milk jug with the central tube, can you let me have this please

I’m also interested in doing a bit of a Barista course too. I just want to learn a bit more about coffee and hopefully how do some Latte Art. Is this a service you provide ?? If so, can you give me a quote please


Danielle wyatt:

12 Sep 2016 18:34:15

Hi. I would like to do a barista course in February. Could you give me some details please? Thanks Danni


21 Mar 2018 23:58:53

Hey guys do you do any barista courses?


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