Barista Training

Join our Coffee School and become a Certified Professional Barista

At our 93 Barista Coffee School we offer four courses to cover all different ranges of skill and interest, including:

  • The Basic Barista Course
  • The Advanced Barista Course
  • The Site Manager Course
  • The Bespoke Course

See below for further details on all four courses available.

Our Barista’s are professionally trained by the London School of Coffee and the Italian Coffee Experts at Saquella, so you know you’re learning from the best around!
With a relaxed friendly atmosphere and free alone time on the machines to practice your skills, anyone can learn to be a Barista with us.

We offer training gift vouchers for a friends/loved ones, ideal as a gift for an upcoming birthday or special event!

Beginners Barista Course £89 + VAT
Skill Level – Budding Barista

Ideal if you’re a coffee enthusiast, curious how its made or want to get a job in Hospitality/Coffee Shop, This Course is perfect for you!

Subjects covered will include but are not limited to:

  • Basic Maintenance
  • Types of Coffee Machine
  • What Not To Do
  • Tools of the Trade
  • How to make Espressos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Flat whites, Mochas, and many more!
  • Time for yourself to be on the machine alone to get used to working with them

Advanced Barista Training £109 + vat
Skill Level – Expert Barista

Already have some knowledge/experience in the trade? Finished our Basic Course already? Want to push yourself to the next level? Then the Advanced Barista Course is the option for you!

  • Latte Art and Texturing Milk
  • Grinder Maintenance and Strip Down to Blades
  • Group Seal and Shower Replacement
  • Maintenance to Group Head (Deep Clean)
  • Milkshake Making
  • Recipes and Ideas
    (Includes Basic Course Topics)

Site Manager Training £109 + vat

We can provide training for your site managers, which will provide your premises with the confidence to tackle any issues on site, from training new members of staff with barista training, to doing basic maintenance to ensure your equipment is running up to performance

Bespoke course £89 + VAT

Don’t feel like the above options fit your needs specifically, or want to only be trained on very specific elements of the trade? Our bespoke course is exactly what you need!

To make sure this course is right for you and your needs, one of our expert baristas will interview you on the phone or email to discuss what you want to gain from the bespoke course (e.g Special occasion birthdays, fully dedicate the session to latte art and presentation skills, or just a simple brush up on skills) and then plan the session around your exact needs.

Our aim with the bespoke training course is give you a chance to choose your own topics out of all areas we cover, with the intent to make you 100% confident on any topics you are struggling with and areas you want to know more about, or to give you what you need for your own portfolio.


There are multiple ways to contact us for booking a session to begin your journey in becoming an Expert Barista, including:

  • E-mail –
  • Phone – 01246 252832

These can be made in the day time or evening by appointment only.

Trade and household appointments available

Up to 4 people maximum, any additional please enquire for availability

For training at your place of work please contact for details

Any course is guaranteed to improve your skills and give you full steam ahead to making great drinks from your barista machine.

Barista Equipment

Got the skills? If you just need the equipment – Coffee machine, coffee and milk jugs etc. We stock a high quality range of products to help perfect your skills. Spend some time exploring our website or contact us through any advertised channels and you’ll be able to find whatever help you need from us!

Matt's London School of Coffee Certificate

Ash's Saquella Barista Training Certificate

Shaun's Saquella Barista Training Certificate

Our Barista’s

When you come to the Arden Barista School training courses, know that you’ll be in expert hands with our three professionally qualified baristas. All three of the baristas we have on hand have trained at some of the most renown schools for the craft, under the guidance of true masters, so they have all the skills necessary to bring you up to a high level through the course of the beginner, advanced, management and bespoke courses.

Matt, who handles most of our in office training hours, went to do his training at the London School of Coffee, which has instructors who have trained all around the world, and received a certificate of excellence for completing the Specialty Coffee Associations(SCA) Diploma course in the coffee skills program.

Ash and Shaun, the two other certified barista’s we have, went over to the headquarters of one of the leading coffee producers(whom we here at Arden have been the number #1 distributor of in the UK since their products became available here) and trained under the Italian Saquella expert baristas themselves whilst there, who have been in the coffee business as a family since 1856. Whilst on this training course over in Saquella they also toured and experienced all aspects of what they do over there to create their world class products, and so have full range of knowledge not only on Barista skills, but the entire process from the coffee plant to the cup.

Feedback on our Courses

We get a lot of positive feedback on the quality of the teaching that takes place throughout the duration of all the available courses we carry out here at Arden Coffee. Here are some examples of feedback we have received from people who have completed courses with us:

“My two training sessions with Matt have left me equipped with all the relevant skills for working as a barista. Everything was explained and demonstrated clearly and thoroughly, with the perfect balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application. It was also a lot of fun! I would highly recommend this experience to trainee baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike!”

“Hi I would like to say big thank you to Matt for my beginners course last week for barista I really found it so interesting and I never thought I would love making coffee I enjoyed it so much I am doing the advanced course next. They are so friendly and made me feel welcome I would recommend this course if you are thinking about a barista coffee course these people know everything and I would love a job doing what they do it’s so interesting so big thank you to Matt and all at Arden Coffee. I have found my passion for coffee Print

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