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Here at Arden coffee we are the only midlands importer of Saquella coffee, with Saquella being one of the leading Italian coffee roasters, needless to say all of their products are setting the benchmark for taste and quality!

We stock Saquella Espresso Crema Bean bags and a range of Saquella

How will this coffee brand help my coffee shop?

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  • Point of sale material
  • branded coffee cups
  • branded Espresso cups
  • Saquella Glasses
  • Saquella Tea cups
  • Light up sign
  • Wall clock
  • Apron
  • Coasters
  • Set up and training the Italian way!

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The Saquella company is located in Pescara. The plant which rises on an area of 11,000 sq. m.,of which 5,000 is covered, is provided with sophisticated and high-technology equipment which co-exists with an experience acquired in over a hundred years.

Saquella History

Here’s a quick overview of the history of Saquella and the family’s journey in becoming the business that they are today.

1856 – In Abruzzo, Clemente Saquella set up a trade of spices and colonial products: tea, barley, cacao of a variety of qualities and origins.
At first the young Clemente went back and forth between Chieti and Naples, then a capital, where he stocked up with products he couldn’t find on the local market. Then, with his brother, he opened a storehouse in Chieti to sell wholesale as confirm documents of registration of the company “Antonio and Clemente Saquella” in the ‘ Weights and Measures’ archives.

1912 – In May, Luigi and Alfonso Saquella set up a trading company in general partnership aiming on continuing their father’s merchant trade. In the memory of their venerated father, the trading company carried on under the name of “Clemente Saquella”.

1930 – The thirties were marked by a turning point in the company’s history. It’s in this period that there was an extraordinary growth reaching a net patrimony of exactly 103,000 lira. Arnaldo Saquella, with his brothers Mario and Giovanni, gradually reached the decision that it would be worth their while to concentrate on espresso coffee.

1945 – During the war trade was interrupted. In 1945, thanks to the liberization of foodstuffs, it was back to work with renewed energy. The Clemente Saquella company, with Arnaldo Saquella at its command, established the first factory to be equipped with one of the first 25kg Vittoria roasting machines which was then supplemented, within a few months, by a 120kg Farina roasting machine. Success was immediate and the sales area spread to the nearby counties: Lazio, Marche, Umbria and Campania.

1948 – The first packages of 10kg and 30kg were formed in greaseproof paper covered in cloth and printed “Saquella Roasted Bar Coffee”. Caffe’ Brasil in 100g packs in waxed carton came onto the household market in Lazio and Umbria.

1955 – With a strong growth a quantity of 3,500 quintals of coffee was reached in 1955. The range of products widened and the first blends were produced: Bar Franca, Bar Sud, Spazial, Extra, Ancona, Lodi, Bianca, Victor in packs of 5 and 10kg.

1958 – The sales area widened and new warehouses were opened: Ferrara, Lecce, Benvento, Rome, Cava dei Tirreni, Campobasso, Avezzano, Foggia, Bari, Macerata, Ancona, Rimini, Perugia,Terni, Florence to fully satisfy the growing demand for roasted coffee.

1968 – There was an increase in quantity and the setting up of a sales network with 38 agents. The quantity was over an annual 4,000 quintals.

1969 – A new company was established called Luigi & Enrico Saquella S.n.c. The management was taken on by the brothers, grandchildren of the founder, sons of Arnaldo, who had already been collaborating in the company for years.

1971 – New company head offices were opened on an area of 11,000sq m in the industrial area of Pescara.

1972 – The move towards the internationalization of the Saquella brand was made by the distribution of the espresso in Canada and several European countries.

1988 – Saquella Coffee made its entry into the Great Organized Distribution of new lines.

1996 – Saquella coffee is supplied to Arden Coffee in Chesterfield United Kingdom.

1997 – Saquella Deutschland was set up to meet the demand and the necessity for a greater penetration of the product on the German market.

1999 – The company adopted the name “Saquella 1856” and was changed to a stock company

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