Saquella Merchandise

Wall Canvas

Wall Canvas Group Handle

Wall Canvas Saquella Cappuccino

Wall Canvas Espresso Shot

Wall Canvas Cherries

Saquella Wall Sign

Saquella Canvas Espresso

Saquella Mens Apron

Saquella Womens Apron

Saquella Small Glass

Saquella Coasters

Saquella Espresso Cup and Saucer

Saquella Black Cup

Saquella White Coffee Cup

Saquella Small White Espresso Cup

Wall Canvas River

As we are the number one provider of Saquella products here in the UK, we have access to a large range of promotion merchandise and equipment with the iconic Saquella branding on it. Here are some examples of Promotional material available, that you could get your hands on today to help make your business a proper Italian Cafe! Just enquire about any of these items when you place an order with us!

Click on any of the images below to enlarge them for a better look at the products!


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