Traditional Coffee Machines

1 Group coffee machine

1 Group coffee machine with Grinder Left- With a built in coffee grinder to save room, Proves to be a winner in bars and restaurants where space is a premium and the requirement for a completely functional coffee machine is required. The Integral automatic coffee grinder means less mess and a faster service !With the waste draw under the coffee machine this is a perfect coffee machine to serve Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, & Hot chocolate. W-460mm D-580mm H-690mm

1 Group coffee machine without grinder Right- The same great coffee machine only without the grinder. So perfect if you want to use coffee pods instead of all the mess and time of grinding coffee.W-455mm D-580mm H-523mm

2 Group coffee machine

2 Group Coffee Machine Left- This 2 group coffee machine is perfect for garden centres, restaurants, coffee shops,and many more. This can produce over 250 cups per day! With two steam wands for foaming milk for latte and cappuccino and hot chocolate. It also has a hot water out-put for tea, so this is a must for any place wanting to make any hot drinks from Mocha to Espresso con panna. Fully automatic delivery system that caters for all cup volumes as well as a continuous delivery system. The coffee brew groups can be arranged for use with coffee pods making it ideal for decaffeinated, origin coffees, special blends and ground coffee. With a cup warmer on top of the machine means drinks stay hot for longer and giving you space to store your cups! W-700mm H-595mm D525mm

2 Group Compact Coffee Machine Right- stuck for space? With the same great features as listed above for the two group, this one is exactly the same only compact. W500mm H523mm D-580

3 Group coffee machine

3 Group Coffee Machine Left- This is a fully electronic controlled 3 group espresso machine. For a busy site or if you just want to make an impression! A raised machine which is ideal for tall 16oz cups,latte glasses and takeaway cups the retractable cup rest easily accommodates different sizes. With being a 3group the boiler offers continuous strong steam supply with have a stainless steel high flow nozzle, which is what you need for latte art! All the brew groups have a pre-infusion device and an automatic washing cycles.Each brew group has a water control selector to adjust the temperature of the espresso. The machine has a massive area on the drip tray for drinks preparation and with a 18 litre tank you’re sure not to run out of steam and hot water! W-1060mm H-650mm D-585mm

3 Group Retro Coffee Machine Retro Lever coffee machine, to look and stand out from the crowd! Click below for more information.

Traditional Coffee Machines


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