"Instant" for vending

"93" Instant Range Have an Ingredients machine? These “93” products have taken nearly 20 years to perfect to offer an outstanding drink from any style of Vending and Ingredient machine.

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"Cappuccino topping"

"93" Cappuccino Topping

Known in the trade as “Cappuccino topping” some people call it “Milk Powder”, this is one of the finest milks to go in any vending machine or bean to cup tasting just like real milk.

“Makes an excellent Cappuccino and a perfect Latte” as it can be used with Real Coffee Beans, Rich Roast Instant Coffee or Colombian Instant Coffee.

Packed in “Kraft Retro” bags in 750g

order code – CT750

Kcal: 48

Fat (g): 2.3

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"Fine Granulated Milk"

"93" Fine Milk

New for 2017 is our “Fine Granulated Milk” which is 100% milk, less than 1% fat that makes an excellent frothy Cappuccino but also works well with Latte, Hot Chocolate and even Tea!

Packed in “Kraft Retro” bags in 500g

Product code – 44

Kcal: 55

Fat (g): 0.2

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"Rich Roast" Freeze Dried Coffee

"93" Rich Roast

Founded in 1993 our “Rich Roast” is a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee`s make up the perfect balance to offer a Americano, Cappuccino and Latte.

This product can be used on its own or in a vending / Instant coffee machine.

Packed in “Kraft Retro” bags in 300g

Product code – RRFD

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"Hot Chocolate"

"93" Hot Chocolate

Sourced from West Africa our cocoa powder blends well to give a Hot Chocolate Drink that will rival any big brands of chocolate powder at a fraction of the cost! Its complexity and taste means that even the best Hot Chocolate lover is satisfied.

This product can be used on its own with Hot water or Milk as well as in a vending / Instant coffee machine.

Packed in “Kraft Retro” bags in 1kg

Product code – C1

- Free samples available

Vegan Hot Chocolate 1KG Bag

33% Cocoa content and made with Dairy free Milk. The Vegan hot chocolate is prepared using steam jugs and a 25g Scoop. Our 1883 Syrups are even gluten free to add further flavour to the taste. Made best with Coconut, Almond or Soya Milk. Enjoy!


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