Espresso Machine Boiler Pressure Inspections

Espresso machines used in making the coffee you all serve to your customers contain a pressurised vessel, normally in the form of the boiler inside the machine, this makes coffee machines boilers subject to the Pressure System Safety Regulations (2000) normally abbreviated to PSSR.


Not having your equipment’s boilers properly pressure tested and certified could lead to your general insurance and employers liability insurance to be invalidated if any accidents occur that result in injury from an untested and uncertified piece of equipment.

The records of the testing are held in an external pressure test certification company, accessible by any authority that would need proof that you have had this carried out, and there is no obligation to go with Arden Coffee with any other goods and services to have this work carried out by us, and can be done as a one off or going forward yearly.

It is the duty of any business that makes use of equipment that falls under the PSSR to have inspections carried out on the equipment’s boilers to make sure it is safe and compliant with the regulations, and therefore it is a legal requirement of any business that makes use of an espresso coffee machine to have a boiler inspection carried out at least once every 14 months.

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Our skilled team of engineers are fully trained and certified to carry out pressure tests on any of the equipment that we supply, and we can provide documentation after testing that shows you are covered under PSSR once your machine has passed any tests, ensuring you are in accordance with compliance laws.

Don’t delay on getting any equipment that has never been tested booked in with us as you may be personally liable for any damage claims if an accident occurs due to a lack of testing. We can conduct pressure testing along side a routine service to keep your down time to a minimum and allow both yearly processes to be carried out alongside each other so it is easier to keep track of. Use any of the contact methods present on the website to inquire about pressure testing today.


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