Open Days And Drop In Sessions

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Come See Us – Showroom Sessions Open for Booking by Appointment

We have a showroom with a full range of equipment ready for demonstration. whether that be a traditional machine, bean to cup or instant machine, grinders and filter machines. No matter what sort of business you are purchasing for, we will have an option to fit your needs.

If you are a new business we have helped countless customers to set up, we can help with equipment, stock, business advice and set up, throughout the whole process, and have a team of skilled engineers on hand to make sure everything continues to function correctly after initial set up and going forward for your business.

We have open evening slots available throughout the month, by booking an appointment only. Contact us by phone on 01246 252832 or email via, and get your appointment locked in today and start your new business journey now.

Taste and take away some of our coffee blends and award winning Novus tea
Bring your own home machine for a check over/ any adjustment
Let us set a blend to your grinder
Samples/Taste our latest products
Opening your own café/coffee shop? Help and advice going forward
Slots available between 7.30am and 4.30pm Book your place via Email/Facebook/Instagram
Dates to be announced soon.


Whether you are available during working hours or need an evening visit later on, we have slots available throughout the day and night, from 9am-7pm, so we’ll have no problem in welcoming you into one of our showroom experience open visits, free of charge! Weekend visits can also be arrange if you cant be free in the week, just get in touch with us and let us know what sort of time you would be interested in. Our showroom always has a range of different machines, from bean to cup machines to 3 group high end barista machines, with a range of different coffee blends, tea blends, chocolate types, flavouring syrups and many more ready for sampling to help you decide what the right drink for you is!

It doesn’t have to be all about coffee!

A Range of Goods

If you already have your coffee needs sorted that doesn’t mean you have to be excluded. Come and try out our wide range of award winning Gold Taste Novus Teas, available in a wide range from classic English Breakfast to exotic flavours like Spicy Rooibos and Spiced Chai, your sure to find at least one to fit your tastes.

Technical Help

We can also demonstrate how to properly clean your machine as well as some basic maintenance and simple repairs if you feel like you aren’t confident that your looking after your equipment right, proper indepth courses on this are also available.

Business Tips

We can even provide you advice on running your business! After working with cafes, tea rooms, coffee bars and many more types of establishment over the years, we’ve picked up alot of tricks of the trade that we can pass on to people like yourselves!

How to book a place!

There are multiple ways you can get in touch with us to book a session with us:

  • In office hours (9:00am – 4:30pm) please call: 01246 252832
  • Email us at and we can discuss from there
  • Out of hours or over bank holidays 7 days a week please call: 07815 708 121
  • Or message our official accounts on any social media platforms


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