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Working in a busy office environment, sometimes you just want a moment to relax and have a sip on a nice hot drink. Well that’s exactly what you can do with our range of Bean to Cup machines, Instant Coffee machines & more! Click the yellow text learn more about the products!
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Bean To Cup Coffee Machines
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“Bravilor Bonamat Bean-To-Cup machines are made of the best, strongest and longest-lasting materials; the professional grinder (for the perfect ground) and the unique brewer (for optimal coffee extraction) ensure quality time after time.” – Bravilor Bonmat

Bean to cup machines provide, fast, high quality, real, fresh coffee using real beans.

By clicking to see more, you can view all of our bean-to-cup machines in more detail.

We can offer:

  • Sego 12
  • Sego 11L / 12L (fresh milk)
  • Esprecious 11
  • Esprecious 11 / 21L (fresh milk)
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Instant Coffee Machines
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“A wide range of hot beverages, the optimum ease of use, the proven technologies; no matter whether large or small quantities are involved, the instant machines from the Bolero series offer a suitable solution for each location.” – Bravilor Bonamat

The Bolero series can be extended with an payment system to accept contactless payment or an inserted card through WiFi or Bluetooth. An MDB service set is needed to connect the machine with the online (payment) system.

We can offer:

  • Bolero 43
  • Bolero 32
  • Bolero 21
  • Bolero 11

Instant Ingredients

Whether you’re purchasing a bean to cup, instant coffee, or a standalone coffee machine, you will always need the ingredients to go alongside them!
Click here to view our list of Instant Ingredients we can supply to your machines!


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