Understanding how the machine works...

We take a brief look at how the machine works and how the espresso machine parts work together.This is a typical most common machine found in most business. How ever espresso machines vary on some in the way they work.

When the espresso machine turned on at the on/off switch,two electrically driven operations are activated the water pump and the heating mechanisms.

The pump controls the amount of cold water that flows from the inlet valve to the boiler and to the heat exchange unit.It enters the machine from the a water source, cold water tape connection As water is used up, the pump automatically turns on to direct to direct more water into the machine to maintain the preset level just over half full. When water level reached the pump automatically turns off.

The element inside the boiler heats the water to produce steam in the boiler and hot water for the water tape. Depending on size of machine this takes from 10 to 30 minutes to do this.

When the extraction control is turned on (panel cup buttons or a rocker switch the pump sends in cold water pressurised to the group this his a middle sealed section through the middle of the boiler one for each group (heat exchanger) this water his fresh from the mains unlike water stood in the rest of the boiler. This is only replaced when drained of from the spout or steam is used Hot pressurised water then passes through the ground coffee water through the heat exchange his lower than the rest of the boiler The rest of the water in the boiler his keeping the water hot in the control tubes (heat exchanger ) So to recap the water that flows through the heat exchange does not come from the boiler.

Notice the difference 1On following that last bit of information above tea lovers would be better of with a separate boiler for tea the water would be fresher and less stale this also allows extra staff to be involved in the drinks making 2 When topping up coffee levels from water spout on machine the water would be to hot, chill down by pouring into a jug first.

When the steam control is turned on , hot steam from the boiler is sent through the steam wand and out through the holes in the nozzle. Same with the hot water control , hot water flows from the boiler and out through spout.

Number of groups The smallest espresso machine have one group and can produce one or two espresso at a time .Larger ones have up to 5 groups can produce up to 10 drinks .most operate with a single handle or double that produces one or two espressos from each group.

The operator of espresso machine is called a Batista.


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