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The grinder is one of the most critical of all the variable factors in making a espresso so its very important that you understand this

Various coffee beans grind different depending on hardness and density example type of bean in blend how beans have been processed the grind suitable for a espresso machine is medium to fine around the feel of table salt grind his a starting point. To fine a grind water slow from spout, grind to course water to fast from the spout coffee should only be in contact with the coffee between 18 to 23 seconds

Choosing a grinder

Some grinders are designed so you can make very fine adjustments others are less accurate grinders run at higher speeds (quieter) the purchase of a higher speed grinder would be for a busy site lower speed grinders if left running and are not run in short blasts will over heat and make the coffee warm and sticky affecting the ext ration and taste the hopper bean storage comes in different sizes from 1 to 3kg size

Doser chamber

The doser chamber is a cylindrical or square container that is attached to the front or side of the grinder .It stores the ground coffee from the beans It has a lid and some have a safety guard preventing access to th burrs. The base of the doser chamber is divided into six doser compartments in centre is the dose controll adjustment

Doser compartments

The doser has six compartments are segmented in sections in the base of the doser chamber. There are six compartments they rotate to receive ground coffee beans from the grinder this rotates to drop the coffee into the group handle

Dose adjustment control

The doser adjustment control consists of a middle spindle to a knob that when turned adjusts the amount dispense to the group handle

Doser lever found on the right side when pulled rotates the doser compartments and drops out coffee ground into group handle

Group handle support is the rest that the group handle sits on

Understanding how the doser works

When you leave the micro switch on the hopper will fill automatically this is a auto grinder or, a on/off switch manually you stop the beans being grounded. When switch on this rotates the grinder blades burrs one of these remains stationary while the other spins with the motor As the whole beans are passes through the motor they cut into the ground beans by the serrations most common burrs are flat burrs the teeth are tapered and run down in size to grind the coffee into different size particles to allow the water through to catch all the flavour. Please note this his the most neglect item the grinder and teeth because it always seems to work or dose it ? hows the taste? the flavour the water flow ? are we taking it for granted we have our machines serviced but not our grinders . For what it cost and how many coffees you had out of the grinder we recommend change of grinder teeth yearly

The doser compartment must be filled half way With out this amount there will not be enough pressure of ground coffee to push out all the air and less than a full dose will be in each compartment this affects strength and tastes

Cleaning run the last amount of beans whip out hopper with damp cloth pop gently inside a Henry hover pipe to get rid of old particles .Empty front doser compartment in to a sealed container ( This his a good idea to store ground coffee over night the pour back in in morning)whip out and and use hover pipe

Grinding the beans step by step lever pull grinder 1 to 4 and on demand see 1235

1 Fill bean hopper no more than required for one period of service mark with a small sticky tape so staff don’t over fill

2 Ensure the lids are on hopper and dose chamber

3 Open gate bottom of hopper

4 Lever pull type Turn on grinder continue to grind until all doser compartments are full half to full depends hour busy you are remember towards the end of your day don’t over grind into the doser This if carried over to next day will make poor coffee the following day once ground it has a life span up to 2 to 8 hours depending on humidity.

5 On demand grinder press button as coffee required coffee always freshly ground

Humid conditions acts like glue sticks the coffee together in the doser windy dry has the opposite effect


WELL AS THE SAYING GOES IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO ! The espresso machine and grinder are partners in the dance to make perfect coffee they are proforming different steps but one complements the other and if not performing will let the other down To be a winner both must be understood and kept in top shape.

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